Speaker Spotlight – Maggie Hall

Maggie Hall

As a designer focused 100% on the user experience, Maggie’s found many ways to turn WordPress into a testing ground. She’s used it to develop website wireframes, conduct A/B tests, create web graphics and even research audiences, virtually eliminating the need for all the extra software and monthly services that can easily eat up marketing budgets.

And she can do it all behind the scenes while getting a new WordPress website launch-ready at the same time. Who knew?

Maggie is a Senior User Experience Designer at SPARC, where she’s led countless website redesigns as well as mobile app and product launches.

Come see how Maggie’s marketing-first business strategies and creative WordPress uses have helped startups and small businesses create user-friendly, visually appealing, agile designs. And how she uses a single platform—WordPress—to get a lot of the work done.

Connect with Maggie at @maggieDixonHall.