Pre-Registration Social/Party to be held at The Alley Charleston

The Alley Charleston

If you’ll be in town on the evening before WordCamp (May 16) join us at The Alley for a networking pre-Camp gathering even The Dude would approve of.

WordCamp Charleston is springing for appetizers for our early bird guests (come early, before the hungry hordes arrive and be sure you get your share.) Combine that with a few of the local craft brews on tap at The Alley, and you have the makings of a great start to an awesome WordPress weekend.

Reasons to turn up at The Alley?

  1. Catch a few more ZZZZs on Saturday morning–by picking up your registration packet early, you can take your time on Saturday morning, and enjoy another cup of hot coffee.
  2. Meet some of the other folks presenting and attending WordCamp
  3. Nosh on tasty treats–What good is a party without good eats? We’re providing a spread of some of The Alley’s specialties for you to enjoy. But come early, because when they’re gone, thery’re gone.
  4. Improve your Skee Ball Game–or bowling or many of the old-school pinball games available to play at The Alley
  5. Work on your cool factor–cause all the other cool kids will be there too

Pre-registration networking packet pickup gathering:

The Alley Charleston
131 Columbus Street, Charleston, SC 29403
Friday, May 16, 5:30–7:30 p.m.

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